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    York University,  Toronto
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    York University,  Toronto
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    Trent University,  Peterborough
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    Ontario Institute for Studies in Education - University of Toronto,  Toronto
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    Ontario Institute for Studies in Education - University of Toronto,  Toronto

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Big News from a Mouthy Dyke!

Hi Everyone: How are you all? I hope you are well. Well, I had grand plans of sending out one newsletter each month but I sidetracked myself with other things...cd recording, working at my day job and booking shows. I find myself longing for solitude, some time out there in the trees and the spacious air, listening to the world come alive again after winter. I can't wait to get into the mountains...I can't wait for the snow to melt up there and get my feet on the earth. Sometimes, my soul aches for that. But, the Eagles are coming back to Vancouver and that always gives me hope for what is to come... And, I am excited. I have some great news! I don't know if I told you all this in my last newsletter but if I did...well, it's so cool, I will say it again: I got confirmed to play Vancouver Folk Fest this summer! And, not only that, I also just got confirmed to play Hillside Festival in Guelph....this is huge! I remember back in the days before I played music, in the 90's, and I went to Hillside a couple of times and dreamed about living that life: playing my own music at festivals in the summer. This is truly unbelievable for me. I got invited back to Edmonton Pride, too...very cool. I love Edmonton. Here are some of my upcoming shows: Friday, April 24th-Summerland House/Farm Concert, Summerland: with Pascale Goodrich-Black Email: pbeulah@live.ca for tix and info Saturday, April 25th-Stand Up and Sing at the Sugar Shack, Nelson-8pm Go to: www.missquincy.net/sugarshack Saturday, May 2-Habitat, 2448 Leon Street, Kelowna-8pm Tuesday, May 5-Vancouver Rowing Club-6pm Go to: www.singaround.com for details My calendar is filling up with shows I am booking for my cd release so check it out if you want. (www.katereid.net) And last but so not least, my second cd is coming together! And, I am preselling the cd, just like I did with my first cd. If you would like to buy one, please email me your name and mailing address and I will mail you a signed copy when it's complete. It is $23 per copy (includes postage). These funds will go towards finishing this project and getting it out there in the world! I have been very fortunate to have had some great donations come in so far which has helped a lot in getting this thing off the ground. It has felt truly amazing for me to receive support from all of you...in all the ways you can do it-whether its funds, emails, letters, kind words. It reminds me that it's important what I do and what I sing about. On that note-I feel like I am doing something good when a young lesbian comes up to me after a show and tells me a story about how she heard my music and came out and how she hasn't taken my cd out of the player since she bought it. We all need a voice. And, I am still finding mine, in my songs, and sharing it with all of you. So, it's a mutually healing experience, this songwriting thing. Thanks so much to all of you! You keep me going! All the best...see you soon out there, Kate ;-)


From Juventus | On November 19, 2013 @05:35 am
What a snuggle bug!!! Charlie still slpees in his crib in just his clothes with a couple tiny socks to hold onto! I tried to give him a blanket once and he kicked it all off! When I'm all toasty in my bed I sometimes feel guilty for that... but he seems to sleep just fine like he is!!

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