Collaborative Songwriting

How would you like to have one of your significant life experiences written into song? Kate offers two different methods of collaborative songwriting to choose from. Collaborative songwriting is a service where Kate works with clients on narrating significant life experiences or stories they wish to document in song. Through her experiences of writing and singing about her own life experiences, Kate is keenly aware of the healing power of song, and the importance of telling one’s story. Kate is thrilled to engage in collaborative songwriting projects with people who are looking for creative ways to tell their life stories as a therapeutic tool for healing, or as a way to document or celebrate their life experiences.  

Kate offers two different collaboration packages to suit clients' individual needs. Clients may wish to have a song composed by Kate by narrating an important life story or experience to her such as the birth of a child, a cherished friendship, a rite of passage, the death of a loved one, a love relationship, a wedding, or a difficult experience from which they wish to heal. Or, clients may wish to work with Kate directly on a song over a number of sessions together. Once the collaborative songwriting process is complete, Kate will professionally record the song and provide the client with an mp3 of their song - a song they can listen to and share as many times as they wish.  Please email Kate Reid for more information and to discuss your songwriting ideas. 

Working with Kate on the creation of our song "Phoenix" was truly a life changing experience for me and has proven to be an important step to my healing. I have struggled with my process of coming out as a lesbian, accepting my identity and surviving intimate partner abuse while many times feeling alone, lost and unable to make changes in my life. I have been in therapy for several years and the process of songwriting with Kate has provided a therapeutic outlet for me to trust myself and my feelings. I have enjoyed Kate’s music for several years, but while working to create a personal song based on my experience, Kate showed so much compassion and understanding which made it easier for me to open up and share my story. Kate is a gifted songwriter and it was magical watching my words turn into a living song. During our time working together, Kate was always looking for ways to help me feel part of the process by sharing recordings, videos and photos which made our 3,000 mile distance seem insignificant. I recommend Kate’s collaborative songwriting process to anyone, especially someone looking for a creative outlet of expression.”

— Kris Lane - co-songwriter of "Phoenix"

Collaborating on a song with Kate was one of the highlights of my life. I had an idea to create something awesome but due to my inexperience with musical instruments, it would have been impossible without her. She really helped make my imagination reality as we wrote "fYreflies" together. Being able to write this song about my experience at Camp fYrefly, an organization that is so close my heart, was truly an uplifting and healing experience. I am grateful for all that Kate has done for me: she helped me as a writer and as a person. Having that songwriting and recording experience with her is something I will value forever.”

— Chase McKee - co-songwriter and co-producer of "fYreflies"

After a breast cancer diagnosis in my late twenties, I was devastated. It was the song-writing process with Kate that moved me through significant parts of the healing process. She created a safe, loving space for me to tell my story - including the hard parts, the funny parts, the angry parts, the awkward and embarrassing parts. Writing "Breast Cancer Pink" with Kate has been the most significant part of my healing process after my cancer diagnosis and it's been worth more than a million art therapy sessions! Thank you, Kate.”

— Dr. Chelsey Hauge - co-songwriter and co-producer of "Breast Cancer Pink"