Invite KATE REID to come to your school or conference! Kate gives inspiring keynotes, concerts, and workshops for organizations, and secondary and post-secondary schools. (pronouns: she/they)

Kate's keynote performance at the Alberta Provincial GSA Conference was without doubt the BEST I have ever attended. I'm so glad that I was sitting in a place where I could see the responses of the young people. It was a moment I will never forget.”

— Dr. Dennis Sumara - University of Calgary, Calgary, AB

Kate came to our school and did an amazing performance. It really was a great moment when I started listening to Kate sing. Her songs gave me a lot of hope and made me see the world differently. LOVE Kate's music so much!”

— Student - Hailburton Highlands Secondary School, Halliburton, ON

Quest University students and faculty had the wonderful pleasure of attending a workshop and concert by Kate Reid. The intimate workshop she gave provided an open, safe environment to discuss queer issues, and allowed students to get to know some of the stories behind her songs. Kate’s performance left the students with a renewed sense of passion and positive self-esteem, showing them all that integrity, honesty, and self-love can stay strong regardless of external pressures.”

— Ferin Lee Adams-Waneka & Tari Ajadi, Students - Quest University, Squamish, BC

Kate is truly inspirational, and I strongly admire her for all her work in the LGBTQ community. I aspire to be such a confident person like her some day. ”

— Student - Simcoe County School District, Barrie, ON

Kate's music and her dyamic question-and-answer format opened a space for students to learn about the challenges LGBTQ students face on a daily basis. My class expressed that Kate's performance provided a great model of social justice activism and inspired them to work even harder to create a safe and welcoming school where every student feels like they belong and have important contributions to make. ”

— Virginia Puddicombe, Teacher - Kingston Collegiate & Vocational Institute, Kingston, ON

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20/20 Hindsight Book Launch

The Ginger Press - Live Facebook Event, Owen Sound, ON

This live Facebook event captured the launch for the book, 20/20 Hindsight: Being Gay* in Bruce and Grey - a collection of stories edited by Joan Beecroft and written by LGBTQ2S+ elders living in Grey and Bruce Counties in Ontario, Canada. During this event, Ginger Press owner and publisher, Maryann Thomas speaks with Joan Beecroft about the book, and Kate sings a few songs to help them celebrate.

Ask Kate Reid about their collaborative songwriting service . Check out the "Collaborative Songwriting" page on this website!

Ask Kate Reid about their collaborative songwriting service . Check out the "Collaborative Songwriting" page on this website!

To add some Kate Reid songs to your musical library, visit iTunes or Spotify, or grab your copy of one or more of Kate's CDs here! Kate also has free singles to download on the "Singles" page.