Calling all children of lesbian parents!

Hello Kind Folks and Folkmusic lovers- How are you all doing? I hope you are all doing well: enjoying the autumn and feeling inspired in whatever you are doing. Summer is finally done for the year and I have gotten used to the fact that it's getting darker and colder, that things are slowing down and the earth is going to sleep. It is soon time to settle in and do some wondering, thinking, writing and creating. Part of me resists all of this and the other part of me longs for it. At this time of year, I always try to sit quietly with the parts of me that I need to give up so that I can expand even more into my life and my work as a folksinger. Its always a challenge: moving out the old stuff to make way for the new but it is important and necessary to continue forward, you know what I mean? I am having a fantastic time out on tour: meeting fun people, enthusiastic audiences and spending time in beautiful in Ontario in the autumn! (My one regret is that I am not home to help with the digging up the potatoes from the veggie garden in our front yard. It's like digging up treasure!) NEW ALBUM- On that note, I have a new project in the works! I spoke briefly about it in my last email blast and now I would like to tell you all about it. This past year has brought a lot of wonderful things. Specifically, I have enjoyed the fan mail and feedback I have received, especially from gay and lesbian folks, young people and children and their lesbian moms and how important my songs are to them. These encounters and letters I have received have got me thinking about children who grow up in lesbian homes. Further, it got me thinking about how children in lesbian homes have their own stories to tell about their experiences of living in -please forgive the phrase-"alternative" homes. I decided that I would like to write an album specifically for children with lesbian parents. As such, I will be interviewing children, of any age, who have lesbian parents: to get their stories, experiences, anecdotes....anything that they would like to share with me about what it is like to be a child of lesbian parents. Then, (without the use of names so as to protect privacy) I will turn their stories into songs for an album entitled, "Songs for Kids with Two Moms". So, this is a call out to you to please put me in contact with any children and/or mothers who might be interested in being interviewed by me. Email is the best way to contact me and I will organize interviews from there. I am thrilled about the opportunity to meet and talk with kids and hear what they have to say. I already have started some interviews and some's just going to be so inspiring and I have no doubt, a lot of fun! TOUR UPDATE- Just a couple of new dates added to the "I'm Just Warming Up" Tour this fall (please check my website,, for full tour deets): Thursday, Oct. 8-9pm Carden Street Cafe 40 Carden Street, Guelph ON 519.837.2830 ( Thursday, Oct. 22-8pm The Rankin Gallery 3248 Round Lake Rd, Inverary ON (For tix, email Al at: 631.353.6650 Friday, Oct. 23-10pm The Mansion 506 Princess Street, Kingston ON 613.531.0003 Plus really cool news-I have received word that I am booked to play at the Edmonton Folk Music Festival, 2010! So, I will see you in Edmonton next August. What a total kick...I have dreamed of playing that festival! Thanks again for all your support in all the forms you give it....thank-you....always. I do read all your emails and still have some replys to do...I haven't forgotten you. Don't forget, please send any interested interviewees my way for the new project! All the best....over and out! Yours in music, Katexo

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