Fundraising House Concert at 1175 East 17th Ave. in Vancouver

Hello Everyone: I just want to send out a huge thank-you and appreciation to all of you who attended my house concert on the evening of Wednesday, July 30th. Thank-you so much for your generous donations towards the recording of my second album, which I am currently working on in the studio at this time. It was great to see some familiar friendly faces and meet those of you who I hadn't the pleasure of meeting before. I am glad you all had a great time, it was my pleasure to perform for you and have you be a part of this fun evening! Thank-you again for your generosity and for supporting my music! A special thanks to Maike for her wonderful hospitality and for hosting the concert in her home and to Jocelyn, as well for doing a kick-ass job at the door! All the best to each and every one of you, Kate

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