Kate Reid-Almost Spring Newsletter...so much going on!

Greetings Everyone! Welcome to my newsletter, all you lovely people who just joined. Wow, it’s exciting to know that spring is around the corner, I must say, I’m ready for it. Bring it on! I have invented a stellar hot chocolate recipe that has gotten me and my partner through the rainy, cold winter:

Kate Reid’s Badass HotChoc:
In a saucepan, slowly melt one large bar of Lindt’s dark chocolate …chili is best but plain or mint works, too
Add 2 ½ cups of almond, rice, soy or regular milk
Stir until the chocolate and milk become one harmonious mixture
If you’re a real badass, add a couple of marshmellows…the big suckers.
Pour into your fave mug and enjoy! If you try it, tell me what you think!

There have been a few days over the rainy winter where it felt like spring here on Bowen Island: the sun has come out a couple of times lately and the air had that spring smell to it.

I found an uber-cheap flight to New Mexico and a friend is lending me her cabin in down there for 8 days. I’m so grateful to be able to head down there in a couple of weeks to do some song-writing and project brainstorming amidst the red rocks, buttes, cacti and hopefully, the sunny air. I often forget to take time away to create so I’m proud of myself for booking this little time-out. Plus, I just need to dry out!

Are you taking time out of your life to create? To manifest your dreams? I hope so.

Here is the latest news on my musical journey. Thank-you for being a part of it….I love that you are.

Praise for Doing it for the Chicks:
Considering it was released so late in the year, Doing it for the Chicks made it on some sweet lists for 2011 including The Top 50 Playlist for Galaxie’s Folk Roots, HERizons Magazine’s Must Have Music list in their winter edition of 2012, Jeffrey Morgan’s Top Ten Albums of 2011, J.D. Doyle’s Queer Musical Heritage Best of 2011 and Queer FM’s Best of 2011 to name a few. There is also a good review of ‘Chicks’ by Tim Readman in the upcoming spring issue of Penguin Eggs Magazine and one by Cindy Filipenko in HERizons Magazine. Check out the press, if you are interested: www.katereid.net/press .

Free Stuff:
For you Number #1 Fans and Stalker-in-a-Good-Way types, Bronwin Parks (killer design babe at www.bronwinparks.com) designed a bunch of free “Doing it for the Chicks” downloads for your desktop and mobile. Yes, I did use the f-word…..FREE. If you dig this kind of stuff and want to spice up your phone or computer with pix of me (yeah, I know…weird, right? I see myself everyday so I can’t imagine why someone would want a pic of my as their wallpaper!) here’s the link to downloading your freebies: www.katereid.net/freebies .

Album for Queer Families:
As most of you know, I’ve been working in the studio on the album for queer families and it’s coming along with a vengeance! We’ve got 16 songs so far and dare I say it, I might add a couple more. There are just so many things I want to touch on with this album-so many important issues! It is a concept album that has never been done before and I’m very excited about it. I know that many of you have been waiting for this one so fyi, t’s set for release in January 2013!  If you are interested in supporting the recording of this album, I will be sending out information on how to sponsor a song in an upcoming newsletter.

Camp fYrefly 2012:  Artist-in-Residence
I‘ve been invited to be the artist-in-residence this summer at Camp fYrefly, a summer leadership camp for sexual and gender minority youth. I’m pumped about this camp. I get to spend four days with queer getting creative with queer youth! What an honour for me. If you are a youth and would love to join us this summer or you would like to be a volunteer, here is the link to the Camp fYrefly website: www.fyrefly.ualberta.ca

Hanging out in the Highschools:
 As some of you may know, I have a B.A in Psychology and a B.Ed, (a teaching degree). Prior to building a career in music, I worked in the education system for a number of years. Now, I combine my passion for queer activism and music with teaching. I have begun facilitating workshops and doing concerts in high schools. I also have begun visiting Gay-Straight Alliances in high schools, talking with students about what I do and what it’s like being a queer musical activist. If you want to know more about my workshops and school concerts, don’t hesitate to email me for information. Whether you are a teacher, counsellor or a student, I would be more than happy to send you a jpeg of my brochure (designed by Bronwin Parks) with all of my workshop information and fees.

Vancouver’s Only Open mic for Women at the Railway Club:
Along with Girlgig Productions, I will presenting and hosting a monthly open mic for women at the  Railway Club in Vancouver, BC. I perform an opening set and then host the open mic afterwards. If you identify as a woman, check out my website for the dates then come down to the Railway with your voice, your instrument and your attitude. All genres welcome! Men are welcome in the audience. This’ll be fun…I can’t wait to see what new talent is lurking out there.  www.katereid.net/calendar

Summer Festivals+PRIDES:
I’ve got some great stuff happening this spring and summer! I’ve been invited to perform at some awesome LGBTQ family conferences in the USA: the Midwest Family Equality Conference in Minneapolis, MN and Families in the Desert in Palm Springs, CA as well as some super-fun Canadian festivals: Edmonton Pride, Royal City Pride in New Westminster, Stan Rogers Festival, Blue Skies Festival, Music on the Mountain….to name a few! Here’s a link to my calendar to check out the info about these festivals and other shows I’m booked for. I hope to see you out there in the sun this spring and summer.  www.katereid.net/calendar

House Concert anyone?
If the idea of hosting a Kate Reid acoustic musical party in your home for your friends and neighbours kinda gets you all excited, then feel free to email me and let’s book a date! Here are what some previous hosts and lovely folks have to say about my house concerts:

“To have Kate Reid perform in your own home is a truly memorable experience. We’ve been lucky to host a few in the last couple of years and all have been a resounding success! Kate’s music has the power to strike such a chord in her audience’s emotions, that our last concert saw Kate passing around tissues for the tears! No matter where you fall on your musical tastes or sexual identity, Kate seems to have a knack of appealing to an incredibly diverse set of people. “A true legend in your living room” seems the best way to sum up a Kate Reid house concert.” Andrew Moss+Andrew Siddell - Belleville, ON
“Kate absolutely blew the ‘chicks’ away at our recent house concert. Up close, personal and exciting! It's absolutely the best way to enjoy her great music -- what an amazing voice and awesome guitar! And the lyrics! We are doing a second one." Shari Roberts, Louise Forsyth - Calgary, AB

I would love to come to your home and perform for you and your friends. Contact me at kate@katereid.net, if you would like to host a house concert!

That’s it from here. I’m off to make some badass hot chocolate. I know I say this in every newsletter but you have all inspired me and my music and my career. Thank-you so much for being out there, for listening to my music and spreading it around. And, thanks for reading my newsletter!

Remember David Whyte’s words: “There is only one, true life.”
I hope you are living yours. Enjoy yourselves out there.

Yours in music,

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