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Hello Folks-
Well, it feels like summer is almost here and the Canucks are going to win tonight! I can't believe I just said that but what can I say...even I am hooked. I even bought a Canucks t-shirt to wear on game night. 
A hearty welcome to all of those who are new members to my newsletter community…thanks so much for signing up! If you would like to contact me personally, feel free to email me at: kate@katereid.net. I love hearing from you! We are starting to book my fall cd release tour so if you would like to present a show or would like to see me perform at a venue in your town, email: bookings@katereid.net.
I just finished my spring tour with Toronto's Evalyn Parry (www.evalynparry.com) and then had one day home before leaving for my USA West Coast tour. Evalyn and I had a great time together...touring around BC, Alberta and Ontario. It was awesome to see old friends and faces and meet new fans along the way. I also love the sights: travelling through the northern Kootenay Mountains, the beautiful Rockies, the islands on the west coast and then to rural areas in Ontario. I did some highschool workshops in Ontario as well and met some amazing queer and queer-friendly youth. Their energy, enthusiasm and pride was so inspiring…they are amazing people and they give me so much hope for the future. And in the USA, I had some really great shows down through Oregon and California. It was fun to be back there again. And, we camped down along the sunny Oregon Coast (I got sunburned just in time for my gig in Eugene!), stayed on the beach in a campground (which was actually a paved road with RVs parked side by side along the water) in gorgeous Santa Cruz. You know those huge bus-like RVs? The US is full of them! At our cement-pad-beach-campground, I saw an older gentleman, sitting in his lawnchair, outside his RV beside his wife and their little lapdog, and the guy was eating Ritz crackers with squeeze cheese from a spray can....gotta love RV culture. Then, at the end of the tour, my partner and I decided, on a whim, to drive all the way across the Nevada desert on what is known as "The Loneliest Highway in America", Highway #50....they weren't kidding....there's practically nothing out there except rolling hills and flat desert land....for a whole long day of driving. It was quite breathtaking. We made it to Canyonlands National Parks, in southern Utah and stayed there for 3 nights, hiking and camping in the red rocks, arches and beautiful sandstone.
And now, we are moving out of Vancouver and onto Bowen Island...which is so very cool! Bowen is a small island just off the coast of West Vancouver. It is a 20 minute ferry ride to get there. But life is slower, quieter and more rural there...right up our alley. We move at the end of the month and are thrilled. We have been scheming on how to move out of the city for quite some time and now, it's happening!
So, onto the music news.....
My website is FINALLY getting updated....it will be all pretty and new and ready to view next week. Check it out! www.katereid.net
"i'm just doing it for the chicks" T-shirts:
Since they are so popular, (with lesbians, straight men and, I discovered, farmers!!), we are placing another order of "i'm just doing it for the chicks" t-shirts. If you would like one, please go to  www.katereid.net/products.html.
"Kate Reid is my homo-girl" t-shirts:
A friend of mine designed this fun shirt! They will be for sale on my website soon at wwwkatereid.net/products.html.
"Doing it for the Chicks" (my latest studio release):
It's close to being done and I can’t wait! If you would like to help fund the manufacturing of this cd (or if you want an autographed copy before anyone else!), you can pre-order and receive your personalized copy in the mail by going to www.katereid.net/products.html. Huge and heart-felt thanks to everyone who donated to this project!
Street Teams:
We are building Street Teams across Canada and into the USA to help with promotion of the shows. If you would like to be a part of a Street Team and do some homo-promo for me and an upcoming show in (or close to) your town, email Stina at promo@katereid.net. She will tell you what's involved and what you get in exchange for your efforts!
House Concerts:
If you would like to host a house concert,  email bookings@katereid.net. I would love to come and play music in your livingroom for you and your friends!
I have a bunch of summer shows coming up....here are the deets:
Saturday-Sunday, June 11-12th
Women's Weekend (this weekend)
Crooked Lake Resort, Horsefly, BC
For tix and info, email: celinamoore@hotmail.com
(cabins, camping, kayaking, hiking, ATV-ing, swimming, music)

June 26, 1-3pm
Honouring Our Elders' Tea (A Qmunity event)
Vancouver, BC
For info and event address, email: generations@qmunity.ca
(Each year QMUNITY Generations, along with community partners, invite queer elders who are 65 years of age and over to a Sunday afternoon of tea, coffee, scones, jam, sushi, entertainment, and celebration.)

Saturday, July 2-8pm
House Concert (at Heidi and Kari’s)
Oyama, BC
For tix, address and info, email Heidi Starr: hrstarr@hotmail.com or find her on Facebook.

Saturday, July 9-12:30pm
Prince George PRIDE Festival
Prince George, BC
For info, go to: www.pgpride.com
Free admission!

Sunday, July 10-7pm
Clozout Club-A Prince George PRIDE event
1177 3rd Ave, Prince George, BC
Tickets $12 adv/$15 at the door

Friday-Sunday July 22-24
Raise the Roof Women's Music Festival
Myles Acres Farm, near Kingston, ON
This is Canada's ONLY weekend-long music festival for women and children only! Get your tickets now...the line-up is awesome: Rita Chiarelli, Hunter Valentine, Celisse Henderson, The Wilmas, Sister Funk, Stephanie Bosch....to name a few.
Tickets and info at www.rrwmf.ca

Saturday, July 30-1pm
Harmony Arts Festival
West Vancouver, BC
For schedule and info at www.harmonyarts.ca.  
Free admission!

Thursday, August 11-7pm
Coming Home Cafe - A Royal City PRIDE event
753 - 6th Street, New Westminster, BC
Free admission!

Saturday, August 12
Eugene PRIDE Festival
Eugene, OR, USA
For schedule and info, go to www.eugenepride.org
Free admission!

WE DEMAND Conference
Saturday, August 27-7:30pm
Coast Plaza Hotel, Vancouver, BC
(We Demand-On August 28, 1971 over two hundred lesbian and gay activists gathered on Parliament Hill to demand the federal government bring an end to laws and practices that criminalized, marginalized, and stigmatized lesbians and gays. Acting in solidarity with their central Canadian allies, Vancouver activists staged the same action on the steps of their city’s Court House. It was the first recorded national political action undertaken by gay liberationists and lesbian feminist activists in Canada. “We Demand” marks the 40th anniversary of the 1971 action. The conference seeks to showcase current work on all aspects of the history of sexuality in Canada, from pre-contact to present times. The conference runs from August 25-28th.)

That’s it for now. Thank-you for reading my newsletter. I hope you are all enjoying yourselves out there! Thank-you again for all of your support and enthusiasm, in whatever form it comes….I appreciate it all because if it wasn’t for you, I would not be doing this! Have a fabulous summer. I hope see some of your smiling faces on my travels.
Until then, be well, be brave and follow your hearts.
Go Canucks.

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