Kate Reid News. This one's lengthy but loaded, my friends!

Hello Everyone: Grab your fave beverage and sit down…this is a long one but lots of cool stuff here…if you can spare the time! Three shows and hanging with Ferron: What can I say, people? You rock. For those of you who made it out to the WISE Hall on Sunday, November 16th, thanks for coming to see me realize one of my dreams: to do a show with a mentor of mine, Ferron. I was in folksinger heaven. The show was high energy and entertaining: Ferron was her usual amazing self and it was great to see so many friends and fans in the audience. Thank-you so much for coming to the show! For those of you who weren't there, I did receive your emails and appreciate your well wishes! After the WISE Hall, I summoned up some more courage (gulp!) to phone Ferron and ask her if I could open for her for her next shows on Saltspring and Pender Islands and then attend her writer's workshop on Pender for the weekend. She said "yes"! So, I skipped my day job, took a floatplane to Saltspring (so cool!) and again, the shows were incredible. Ferron loved my song "Rise Up" so much-that’s the one I wrote about how I felt after declining her offer to come to her place in Michigan in the summer of 2007...it will be on my next album. As you can imagine, I was flattered beyond belief. Of course, now, I have some more dreams in the works but I can’t really tell you about that now…if you are interested, stay tuned?! While on Pender, I spent the weekend in Ferron’s writing workshop with a group of wonderful women and also with friends of Ferron-very inspiring and generous people on Pender Island-Sharon Jinkerson-Brass, her husband, Victor Reece and their very good friend, Georgina Weber. Sharon and Victor are the creative genius behind Big Sky Multi-Media and Storytelling Society which creates stunning and innovative performances of Native story through theatre, dance, mask and song. Sharon, Victor and the Big Sky members are incredibly talented and passionate about what they do. They have big plans and I am sure they would love your support. They will be at Vancouver's Talking Stick Festival this February 2009. You can check them out at www.bigskymultimediastorytellingsociety.com. Georgina Weber owns and is the chef at Pender Island's best restaurant, Islander's Restaurant. Georgina fed us all weekend with her killer culinary creations! If you are ever on Pender Island, don't miss Georgina's awe-inspiring meals and hospitality (250.629.6682 for reservations or online at www.islandersrestaurant.com). You will not be disappointed!! Women in the Round Tour: Next on my list of news, my tour with Sarah MacDougall and Joanna Chapman-Smith as Women in the Round. During our 6-week tour we had some great adventures, met wonderful and hospitable people, spent time with friends and family and rocked our shows! Our tour took us from Gabriola and Saltspring Islands all the way to Montreal. Sarah, Jo and I have a blast on stage together and really enjoyed all the different venues in Eastern Canada that we performed at. It was great to back each other up with harmonies, harmonica, clarinet, melodica and the occasional kazoo solo! And, lots of laughs…as always! We stayed with friends and generous folks along the way: Kareno and Kimi on Saltspring, Carolyn and Diana on Gabriola, Ellen of Summerland, Shirley and Dan of Gold Mountain RV Park in Hedley, Eva in Nelson, Allie in Lethbridge, Steve in Calgary, Tina and Julie in Edmonton, Kamala in Winnipeg, our families in the Toronto area and Mel and Laura in Ottawa. I had the pleasure of opening up for Po’Girl at Hugh’s Room in Toronto and doing a solo show in Winnipeg at Club 200. A massive thank-you to all of you who opened your homes to us…it makes touring so much nicer to spend time with friends and family along the way. And, a big thanks to Joanna’s father for the use of his car to get around Ontario and Quebec…thanks so much! I must say that our show in Waterloo was a blast from the past, seeing old friends from high school and my good, old party days was a blast. Thanks so much to all of you who came out to the shows! It’s been a long time since I have been back to Ontario and what a great way to come back. Women in the Round at OCFF: Sarah, Jo and I also attended the Ontario Council of Folk Festivals conference in Ottawa where tons of musicians and folk industry folks meet to do all things folk music. We shared a hotel room with a musician friend of mine, Sarah Calvert of Toronto...our room looked like a tornado hit it during the day but at night, it transformed into a live music venue with performances by myself, Sarah Mac, Joanna and Sarah Calvert. We generated some great buzz at the conference for our music, saw some amazing and inspiring acts and met lots of people. Performing at Vancouver Island Folk Music Festival 2009: Out of our weekend at OCFF, Women in the Round got rave reviews for our show and got invited to perform at the Vancouver Island Folk Music Festival for the upcoming summer, July 10-12, 2009. We are thrilled about this! New songs from my upcoming cd: As you may know, I am working on my second cd. I aim to release it late in spring of 2009, in time for the summer. I will be posting a few new songs on my website and Myspace (and maybe Facebook, if I get around to it!! Damn.) so you can get a taste of what is to come. So, check back for new songs posted. Fundraising plans for my new cd: I have also dreamed up a couple of ideas to help me fundraise for the making of the cd. As I did with my debut cd, I am currently pre-selling my next cd on my website and at shows. There are instructions for pre-purchasing cds on the “Buy” page of my website if you would like to help out. I will sign each pre-perchased cd, of course and include the purchase number on the cd. And...the kick-ass fundraising idea is-you can have a real hand in helping me with this project by purchasing studio time for me! More details can be found on the “Buy” page of my website. I have prizes for each increment of money, including signed posters and cds all the way up to dinner out with me in a city near you. Can you help? The Laramie Project in Vancouver: I recently attended The Laramie Project-a play that was written about the story of Matthew Sheppard: the young, gay man who was savagely beaten, tied to a fence and left to die outside of the town of Laramie, Wyoming in October 1998. The Laramie Project was put on by Fighting Chance Productions and performed at Havana on Commercial Drive. Lord Byng Secondary School of the Vancouver School Board, also put on a production of the Laramie Project this month. Watching the play brought home the ever-present reality of how much homophobia there still is in the world: in Canada, the USA and certainly across the world-there are many countries where homosexuality is still illegal, indeed, punishable by death in some countries. While we are extremely privileged to have lesbian and gay rights including legal marriage here in Canada, that does not mean we are free of homophobia and the violence acts are spawned from this fear and hatred of GLBT people. I thought of all of the dykes, just a few decades ago, who used get dragged out of the women’s bars, beaten and raped. I thought of Aaron Webster of Vancouver who was brutally beaten and murdered by a group of men in 2001. I thought of Jordan Smith of Vancouver who was beaten by two men this past summer and had to have his jaw wired shut. I thought of my friend who was beaten and had her ribs broken by a man outside of a Vancouver bar. I thought of my own experience with my first girlfriend’s brother who chased us out of the house in the middle of the night, trashed my truck, threatening and yelling homophobic insults at us. It reminded me of how far we have come but how incredibly far we still have to go. It reminded me that what I sing about is important-no matter who tells me that it’s too much, too lesbian-focused or whatever opinion they have about what I do. It reminded me to keep going. House Concert Donation for Vancouver AIDS organizations: Like last year, I donated an acoustic house concert as a silent auction prize to one of Vancouver’s largest fundraising nights for finding a cure for AIDS-The Fowl Supper. This evening is a huge annual dinner and silent auction with wild and fun entertainment on by the Fillmore Foundation to raise money for three Vancouver AIDS/HIV organizations, The Dr. Peter Centre, Lovin’ Spoonful and McLauren Housing Society. The silent auction, of which I was a part, raised $11,000.00! The dinner and entire evening raised thousands of dollars as well! It's an incredibly successful event. Chix with Picks XMAS-Sunday, December 7 at 7pm: Trigger of Girlgigs Productions here in Vancouver is hosting her annual Chix with Picks XMAS where she gathers a whole gaggle of Vancouver women musicians together to play their tunes and raise money for the Positive Women’s Network. Bring a non-perishable food or bath item to donate. I will be there! It’s a great time for a great cause…always packed! (The Railway Club, 579 Dunsmuir St, Vancouver) Well, that’s it for now. There was so much to share with you all so I thank-you for taking the time to read it! I will keep you posted on how the album is coming…I have some dreams and ideas in the works. Once again, thank-you so much for all of your support, in whatever way, shape or form. I appreciate every last word and gesture…it helps me do my thing! Yours in life and music, Kate

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