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Hello everyone-

I hope all is well in your corners of the world. I am certainly struggling to get through the next few months: trying to keep up with my workload for my two teaching positions, making time to finish my master’s thesis, and finding space to do simple things like ride my bike and go for a walk has been an ongoing challenge. I have put musical-creative pursuits on the back burner for months and that has definitely had an effect on my soul. However, I am committed to getting this thesis done so that I can get back to writing, performing and recording, and other creative pursuits. And so, right now, my motto is “one foot in front of the other” and hopefully, that will get me somewhere….

In the meantime, I don’t know if you remember from my last newsletter but I posted two new *free* singles on my website: http://www.katereid.net/new_singles1
The new songs are fYreflies and Breast Cancer Pink, which I co-wrote with two amazing, inspiring people. Please have a look and download the songs for free.

We’re gonna make a video!

Chelsey, my lovely friend and co-writer with whom I wrote Breast Cancer Pink, and I are determined to make a music video to go along with this important song for people struggling through breast cancer. We have started a Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds. We need to raise $6600.00 to shoot, edit and produce this video. So far, we’ve raised $2840 in just a few days with 30 people backing the project! I just did the math: we still need $3760….wow, it’s not that much, really.

Here’s our budget:

Empty Cup Media Full day shoot-8 hrs




*Hourly* (Regular $105/hr, *discounted to* *$75/hr* for "Breast Cancer Pink" music video)
Includes: Adobe Premiere Pro post production studio, Colour Correction and DVD/Blu Ray or digital authoring for deliverables


24 hrs. @ 75.00=1800.00


Return flights for Carla and Colin:

1750.00 - West Jet from Toronto to Vancouver, May 2014



1000.00 – four nights stay in Vancouver, May 2014



200/day per musician, 4 musicians (Christina, Toby, Adam, Richard)





Total costs: 6,600.00

If I had a record company to sponsor this project, it would all be so easy but as an independent artist, I depend on my own resources and the help of friends and listeners to get these projects out in the world. Chelsey and I would be so grateful for your contributions to this exciting project…. an important video that speaks about one woman’s experience of corporate breast cancer (and my first real, professional video!).

If you are unable to donate, then sharing the Kickstarter link with friends who might care about this project, posting it on your facebook/twitter pages…these are all really useful things in helping us get this project off the ground.

Here is the link to our Kickstarter page, Breast Cancer Pink – the video: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1864457835/breast-cancer-pink-the-music-video. We hope you at least enjoy the promo video we made for our Kickstarter paper….Chelsey is a whiz with digital stuff. Thank-you in advance to those of you who are able to help us with this project!

Off I must go to finish marking midterms. I’m sending some joy your way, and maybe a bit of Vancouver spring…..
With thanks,
Kate xo

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