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Hello Everyone- First of all, if you are new to my email list, a big welcome to you...thank-you so much for joining! How are you all doing out there? I am well, I must say...loving the green and the fragrant air of spring hree in Vancouver. It just gets into my heart. I have been in the garden. Yesterday, I dumped manure and mixed it all in and then planted some onions, mint and various flowers. I have discovered that I can wear one shoe to help with the shoveling and have the other foot bare to feel the soil...that way, I only have one dirty foot to wash when I come inside! Like last year, I am on a mission to plant a veggie garden in our front yard, complete with corn this year... And, I have been doing a ton of writing...I have a whole bunch of new songs and seriously, they just keep coming...what's going on here? It's so much fun and of course, for me, the endless worrier, quite a relief that I can still piece words and music together from the depths of my bizarre mind and wondering heart and come up with songs! Here are some of the titles...just to give you a wee idea of what's cooking: I'm Just Doing it for the Chicks, Boy's Club, Crying Holy, Traveling Light, Auto and Andy, Tie One On and Tie the Knot, Captain Cupcake and the Cambie Hotel, to name a few. I must say it helps to have a brand, new guitar...with whom I am in love. For those of you who are into guitars, it's a Martin...and I love it...you know, a new guitar is a really good thing. Yahoo! Before I begin with my news, I want to invite you to a house concert being hosted in our home here in Vancouver. Here are the details below: Patricia Sereno in Concert-Saturday, May 15 Patricia will be performing her beautiful, original compositions on her Harp. The show starts at 7pm and tix are $20-all proceeds go to Patricia in support of funding her upcoming recording. If you would like to attend, please email me back asap. We will provide the appies and the atmosphere. Bring your own drinks and enjoy an evening of sweet music by the fire in our livingroom! Yukon Tour: So, where do I start about the Yukon? My tour up there was incredible on many levels: the people, the space, the absolute beauty of the land...I had an amazing time up there. The hosts of the house concerts were so generous and hospitable. Thank-you to all of you who hosted the shows...it was great to meet you and share dinners with you! The folks that came out to the shows were so fun...thank-you to all of you who came out to see me sing my songs....and a huge shout out to the folks in Whitehorse and Dawson for your collective free spirits and raucous appreciativeness...is that word? (For the record, I learned that Whitehorse has the highest number of lesbians per capita in Canada...can that be true?? I for one, what aghast! Imagine my pleasant suprise....:-) Anyways, I'm digressing....besides the shows, here are just a few of the many highlights from my trip: I met some amazing folks in Teslin who run a great summer vacation spot called Dawson Peaks Resort. I went to Liard Hotsprings with my host from Watson Lake and we saw a Bison herd on the road, a Northern Hawk Owl and many Rough-Legged Hawks. I saw Caribou driving back to Whitehorse, licking salt off the highway. This friendly, wild, old, mountain-cabin-dweller dude took me for a crazy dog-mush way out in the mountains near Annie Lake...within seconds of starting the run, I was on my face in the crusty snow wondering how the rest of the ride was going to be...it was a riot! I met a family way out in Haines Junction whose daughters play banjo and guitar-they are 7 and 12 years old! I drove with Remi, their 7 year old, out to Sheep Mountain to watch the Mountain Sheep come in for summer grazing. The Ravens in Whitehorse are devilish and amazing birds to watch. I saw many Eagles! I met a lovely lesbian couple in Carmacks (the only ones in that tiny town) who moved up north from Kingston, Ontario. I went to Dawson...a town that seems like it hasn't changed much since the days of the gold rush. The streets are dirt and there are boardwalks for sidewalks. The host of the show there took me to two of the local watering holes: Bombay Peggy's and The Pit. I flew to Old Crow, the most northern community in the territory and felt the anticipation of the people there who wait for the Caribou to come in every spring. I learned about many of the signs of spring in the Yukon: the Trumpeter and Tundra Swans that return by the thousands every year to mate (I saw these beautiful birds at a place called Swan Haven outside of Whitehorse...so much noise!!), the fuzzy crocuses that pop up through the brown grass, the Seagulls returning, the mud (!), the rivers breaking up(and the "river pools"-where people bet on when the river's ice will give away...I saw this on a sign-up sheet posted in the grocery store in Old Crow!), the Porcupine Caribou herd that numbers in the thousands that comes across the lands outside of Old Crow...I saw five Caribou while hiking with friends up on the mountain behind Old Crow, and the light...I couldn't believe it! The increase of daylight everyday was so significant, I noticed it's increasing presence each day! So many things I saw and felt in the Yukon. I don't know how many times I heard the story, "I came up for a couple of months in the summer and I never left..." It is a truly magical place. If any of you ever feel the pull to go up there, go for it. A huge thank-you to Home Routes in Winnipeg for organizing the tour and sending me up there! Upcoming Shows, Tours and Festivals: This Saturday, May 8th - Rhizome Cafe (This is an all-ages show!) With Ottawa's Chris MacLean and Vancouver's Eirene Cloma Chris' album, "Feet Be Still" won two awards at the 2008 Ontario Council of Folk Festival Conference 317 East Broadway, Vancouver Tix at the door: $10-15 sliding scale Showtime: 8pm (Come early for dinner and a good seat...Rhizome is a warm space!) Ontario Tour- I'm heading to Ontario do some a bit of touring in May-June. As well, I have been putting together a workshop about homophobia, writing and music for schools. I will be doing a few of these workshops in several schools while I am in Ontario in May. I am looking forward to hanging out with the kids and doing some neat stuff there. Here are my upcoming dates and venues (there are more details on my website, if you want more info): May 20-Syndeham United Church Kingston, ON May 25-ShishKabob Hut Peterborough, ON May 26-The Splice Restuarant and Lounge Peterborough, ON May 27-The Gladstone Hotel Toronto, ON May 28-Lion's Hall (Women's Dance) Peterborough, ON June 25-London Music Club 470 Colbourne Street London, ON PRIDES and Folk Festivals- Campbell River PRIDE Walk Away From Homophobia Day Monday, May 17th, 5-8pm Spirit Square, Campbell River, BC Regina PRIDE Saturday, June 19 With Jeffery Straker Regina, SK Grey Bruce PRIDE Sunday, June 20th-2pm Harrison Park Picnic Shelter Owen Sound, ON Toronto PRIDE-Dyke Day Saturday, July 3-daytime event Prince George PRIDE July 6-8-various events Prince George, BC Islands Folk Festival, Duncan, British Columbia July 23-25 Edmonton Folk Music Festival August 5-8 That's it for now. I hope all is well in your respective worlds. Thanks for reading! Over and out..... Love, Katexo Voted Fave New Discovery of 2009 - Penguin Eggs Magazine critics. Sweet. 2009 Canadian Folk Music Awards nominee, New/Emerging Artist of the Year. www.katereid.net www.myspace.com/katereidacoustic www.youtube.com/katereidmusic www.sonicbids.com/katereid2

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