Kate Reid's January 2014 News-Wishing you all a year full of creativity and possibility!

Hello Everyone!

Well, we made it through another holiday season, didn’t we? I always find myself thinking about how, amidst all of the fun and joy, the winter holidays can be a difficult time for many of us because it can bring up painfully heartfelt memories; challenges around family and acceptance; struggles with obligation versus following one’s heart and wishes; and just all around increased levels of stress and anxiety. It can be the time of year where, along with being grateful for what we have and how far we have come in our lives, some of us also need quiet reflection time and a break from what has also been difficult. And yet, finding this much-needed breathing space and quiet time is so challenging. I find I often have to urge myself to take time to be alone: to pay attention to what my body and soul needs. Since it is now the beginning of a new year, this is a good time to listen to what is in our hearts, to find answers to our questions, to track our feelings and make decisions based on what our ‘heart of hearts’ wants. All of the best decisions (well, ok, and maybe some of the worst…but who’s counting, seriously?) I have made in my life have been based on how I feel, and on my instinct. Decisions based on rational thinking and thought processes never got me to anywhere I really wanted to be. And yet, that is what we are taught: to think things through rationally. Well, living in this world isn’t particularly rational, if you ask me and so I believe that going with our emotions and seeing where they lead us, albeit scary sometimes, can be a much more fruitful and rich way of living. That being said, I have two solo retreats planned for myself in the next couple of months that I am looking forward to. I can hardly wait for this time! I cherish this time and space to be able to work with creative ideas, thoughts and feelings that might take me in new and unexpected directions in my work as an artist.

And now, here is a little update of all things music-related in my world.

UBC-Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice - Grad School update:
I know that grad school doesn’t seem related to music but it is because once I am done my coursework, I will be researching how queer-positive folk songs can be used as a pedagogical (aka teaching) tool. I have become really interested in the ways that grad studies could compliment my work as a musician, educator and activist. I am pleased to report that I completed my first semester of graduate school with flying colours. (Ok, I seriously kicked-ass and I’m pretty damn proud…and impressed with myself!) I must admit, it was a real challenge being back in school again: I was really unsure of my ability to achieve reasonable marks. But, I aced my semester and now that the new semester has begun, I’m feeling inspired about my work and research here, and am excited to see what the next few months will hold.

For those of you who have chosen to go back to school (and I know there are some of you out there who are doing this) what an exciting new journey for you! I hope the learning process is thrilling for you. And for those who are considering it, how could you make it happen? What possibilities could it open for you?

Hats off to the Heal Myself Kickstarter supporters + an update on Heal Myself-the Documentary:
Where to begin?Carla, Colin and Rich (the radical team at Empty Cup Media) have outdone themselves. Back in October, they created a crowd-funding campaign on Kickstarter in the hopes of raising $25,000.00 for their documentary Heal Myself. And….with the donations of 270 amazing and generous people, they achieved their goal! Folks donated right from the start and then, during the last few days of the campaign, while I was chained to my computer at Starbuck’s working on a 20 page paper for one of my courses, I was also obsessively checking on the status of the campaign. More and more people became galvanized to donate. It was thrilling (and unbelievable!) to watch the numbers go up and up! Thank-you to all of you who donated to Carla’s project. This has been her dream for over 7 years and with your help and the her team at Empty Cup Media, she’s making it happen. I’m really looking forward to the finished product…it’s going to be amazing (and kind of freaky to see myself on the *big* screen).

Here is the link to the Kickstarter page: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1041252605/heal-myself-the-documentary

And, here is an update from the documentary filmmaker herself, Carla: 
What a fall it has been! The amazing response to Heal Myself's Kickstarter campaign (http://kck.st/18xFN8E) has allowed us to jump into post-production and inspired me to seek solitude while piecing together the film. All of us at Empty Cup Media can't begin to express our gratitude to those of you helping build community around the project and its messages. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
Days following the success of the campaign, I packed up my edit suite and headed north to a family cottage where I have been swimming through hundreds of hours of footage. The daunting task of re-naming, organizing and tagging audio/video files comes first. Though certainly not the most glamorous part of the process, it is necessary and has unearthed many hidden gems in the material.
Richard, our producer has been hard at work researching film festivals and planning the private debut screening for spring, while Colin works like a fiend keeping the rest of the business running! What a team :)
The excitement generated by supporters of the film and of Kate's music/message really fuels our creativity, so keep the good energy flowing, spread the word, and keep your eyes and ears peeled for more Heal Myself news in the months to come! Visit healmyself.ca to check for updates.   Thank you all so much! ~Carla

Upcoming performances and workshops:
Wednesday February 12, 2014
Workshop for students enrolled in Women’s Health course
Santa Fe University of Art and Design
1600 St. Michaels Dr.
Santa Fe, New Mexico 

Thursday February 13, 2014
Workshop for students enrolled in Explorations of Self course
Santa Fe University of Art and Design
1600 St. Michaels Dr.
Santa Fe, New Mexico 

Friday February 14, 2014
O’Shaugnessey Hall - Santa Fe University of Art and Design
1600 St. Michaels Dr.
Santa Fe, New Mexico 
For tickets and info about my visit to SFUAD, contact Dr. Corine Frankland at: corine.frankland@santafeuniversity.edu

Monday June 30, 2014
Wedding: Marika Isaac and Leonie Beecroft
Whitehorse, Yukon Territory

Saturday August 16, 2014
Red Deer Pride
Red Deer, Alberta

Stay tuned for more dates to come!

And finally, if your school (elementary, secondary, post-secondary) is looking for a performer and/or workshop facilitator to compliment a unit plan you are giving on gender/sexual diversity, a GSA/QSA conference or special events day you are organizing, I would love to come and sing for your students! I do whole school, plugged-in assemblies, facilitate workshops and give unplugged performances for single classes, and everything in between. Just let us know what you have in mind by contacting Maike at management@katereid.net. She would love to talk with you about dates, fees and possibilities!

As you already know from my newsletters, I also do weddings so feel free to contact us if you have any questions about my performance fees.

That’s it from here. Thanks so much for reading my newsletter. I hope that each of you can find some solace in your own quiet company, in the company of the trees, the air outside, whatever animals cross your path, and in the expansive night sky. I hope you can find some peace in your own solitary process and connection with the Earth.

Here’s to a new year of possibility, new experiences and inspiration! Wishing all of you a rich, exciting and healthy 2014. Let’s make this one count. I will leave you with one of my fave, thought-provoking question from poet Mary Oliver: What is it you plan to do with your one, wild and precious life?

Yours in music,
Kate xo

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