Kate Reid's Latest News from a Mouthy Dyke!

Hello Everyone- First of all, if you are new to this email list....welcome and thank-you for joining!! If you have been with me for a while ...thanks for sticking around! How are you all doing? I hope you are well. I am excited on many fronts. I will try and keep this short but well...by now, you know me. :-) I am home from a very busy 6 months and feeling creative. I have lots of writing to do and ideas are busting through. I love winter because it's a real chance for me to sit down and write. I sit in my chair by the window, build a fire in the fireplace, make a pot of tea and just go for it...poetry, journaling, songwriting. I have been waiting for these long, dark nights for while. And the rain of the westcoast...I must say, I do love it. Finding some way to express ourselves creatively is life-giving and important. And, here is the latest news of my musical exploits: Upcoming Shows: Thursday, December 3rd - Logan's Pub (This is a fundraiser for Loudspeaker Festival in Victoria-I will be doing a short set amongst a great line-up of performers) 1821 Cook Street, Victoria, BC 8pm showtime, $10 at the door Friday, December 4th - Solstice Cafe (I'm doing a full show here with local act: Jennifer Louise Taylor and Co.) 529 Pandora Street, Victoria, BC 8pm showtime, $15 for adults/$7 for teens at the door YouTube vids/Website vids: I will be posting a couple of new, live videos of me singing my songs on YouTube. If you want to subscribe to my YouTube videos, you can go to: www.youtube.com/katereidmusic Galaxie Folk Show/iTunes Gay Pride Canada Top Ten: A friend of mine in Kamloops told me the other day that I made the iTunes Top Ten Gay Pride Canada list...I'm not really sure what that means but it sounds cool! I have yet to find that list on the internet...if someone can help me out, that would be cool. I want to check it out. Also, "I'm Just Warming Up" has been getting a lot of play on Galaxie Satelite Folk Music with host, Roch Parisien. It's been listed at #2 in the top ten Canadian folk albums...that's pretty awesome. I've met Roch and he is a great guy. Canadian Folk Music Awards: Well, I didn't win...but who cares? It was such a thrill for me to be nominated for a Canadian Folk Music Award-Best New/Emerging Artist of the Year. It was incredible to showcase at the CFMA and also to attend the gala/awards show. I met some really interesting folks and musicians and just had an all-around amazing time. There were so many stellar musicians who were nominated and the volunteers who run the CFMA pulled off two killer evenings of folk music. The Good Lovelies received New/Emgering Artist of the Year and they are fabulous! Check them out at www.goodlovelies.com! Winter Projects: I will be conducting interviews over the next few weeks for my upcoming project: "Songs for Kids with Two Moms". I will be interviewing children (and their parents) of lesbian households and then taking their stories and writing them into songs for an album that I suspect will be released in two years. As well, I am continuing to write songs for a follow-up album to "I'm Just Warming Up". Spring Tour: In the new year, I will begin booking a spring tour of Ontario and Eastern Canada for May and June, 2010. If any of you have any venues (including house concert options) where you would like to see me perform, please let me know! In fact, if I book a show at a place you suggest, I will gladly send you a complimentary cd in the mail! Also-I am working on a European tour for the autumn of 2010. If anyone has any venue suggestions for me in Europe, that would be awesome, too! That's it from here. All of my best to each of you. Have a wonderful weekend. Welcome December! Yours in music, Katexo

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