Kate Reid's October 2010 Newsletter: upcoming 2011 releases, US tour and more! :-)

Greetings Everyone- How are you all doing? I hope life is treating you well. If you are new to my email community, then a hearty welcome to you! If email is too old-fashioned for you and you prefer social networking, then Facebook me, Tweet me and we’ll connect. I do make a point of answering all messages so I promise you that your efforts to connect won’t go unanswered! I am excited....I will be sending out information in my next newsletter about my upcoming recordings! I will be in the studio all winter working on two new albums: my kids' album and a follow-up to “I'm Just Warming Up”....so stay tuned for that newsletter......Actually, as we speak, I just got the mixes for “Tummy Mommy” and “Radical Donor Dad” from my kids' album sent to me via email from my producer, Adam Popowitz, in Vancouver...they sound great! Yaay! And, in fact, I am currently in Toronto and just spent my first day in the studio here working on three songs for my “adult” album...it's so much fun!! Back to the rest of the newsletter....a word about my first tour out to the Maritimes this past fall. It was fun, albeit challenging, at times. I started off in Ontario and did a bunch of great gigs around the Peterborough-Belleville-Kingston area and a gig in London. Then, I packed up my rental car and headed east to the windy provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. I played a string of fun gigs in both provinces including one not-so-hot gig in a tiny café in New Brunswick where I made a shameful 19 bucks in change and a case of beer! A guy in the audience (who, incidentally, was one of 6 people present, 2 of which were my friends!) happened to be a rep for Molson who felt sorry for me...so he gave a voucher that I could redeem at any beer store in NB. Seriously, it can get pretty glam on the road sometimes.....! ;-) One of my favourite shows was in a tiny town called Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia at a charming club called Fables. It's run by this very friendly, politically-minded and slightly eccentric couple of ex-pats who put me up for the night in their awesome house with their four, cute-as-hell, golden labs and a cranky potbelly pig named “Pourquoi”. I meet cool people on my travels, indeed. This just came my way yesterday: a fun review of my 2009 release, “I'm Just Warming Up” by music blogger/reviewer, Jeffrey Morgan in Detroit....this guy is a riot! Scroll down to “Sizzling Platter of the Week”: http://www.jeffreymorgan.info/ Upcoming West Coast USA Tour: here are the dates for my first tour in the USA! Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010 Green Frog Acoustic Tavern 104 - 902 N State Street Bellingham WA 98225-5089 USA 360-756-1213 Thursday, November 4th, 2010 House Concert-7:00PM 1707 SE 114th Court Vancouver WA 98664 USA 503-252-9333 Friday, November 5th, 2010 The Conway Muse-8:00PM 18444 Spruce/Main Street Conway WA 306-445-3000 Saturday, November 6th, 2010 Mandolin café-6:00-8:00PM 3923 S. 12th Street Tacoma WA 98405-1508 USA 253-761-3482 Sunday, November 7th, 2010 Jewelbox Theatre-with Travelin'Light (Mel Watson & Corbin Keep)-7:30PM 2322 - 2nd Avenue Seattle WA USA 206-441-5823 Price: $15.00 Tuesday, November 9th, 2010 Haven Coffee-7:00PM 3551 SE Division Street Portland OR 97202 USA 503-236-6890 Price: $10.00 Wednesday, November 10th, 2010 Cozmic Pizza 199 W. 8th Avenue Eugene OR 97401 USA 541-338-9333 Price: $10.00 Friday, November 12th, 2010 Caffe Trieste-Womengig-8PM 2500 San Pablo Avenue Berkley CA 94702-2013 USA 510-548-5198 Price: $10-15 Saturday, November 13th, 2010 Cafe Flo-7:00-10:00PM 365 E 6th Street Chico CA 95928-5630 USA 530-402-7121 Price: $10.00 Sunday, November 14th, 2010 Sutter Creek Theater-4:00PM 44 Main Street Sutter Creek CA 95685 USA 916-425-0077 Price: $16 adv / $18 day of show Tuesday, November 16th, 2010 Don Quixote's International Music Hall-7:30PM 6275 Highway 9 Downtown Felton CA 95018 USA For Reservations: 831-603-2294 Price: $10 adv./$10 door seated Upcoming Home Shows with Ivan Coyote: I have teamed up with award-winning Vancouver writer, Ivan Coyote for some shows here in British Columbia before taking our show on the road next spring. These will be special performances that will combine Ivan’s moving and often hilarious storytelling with my songs-some you have heard and some that you haven’t. We are performing at two sweet, intimate venues to start off…here are the deets: Friday, Dec. 10th-8pm Solstice Café-529 Pandora Street, Victoria Tix at the door $15-20 Saturday, Dec. 11-8pm Rhizome Café-317 Broadway (across from Kingsgate Mall), Vancouver, BC Tix at the door $15-20 Get 'em in advance at Rhizome or email: management@katereid.net: or call: 604.317.8872 YouTube: For those of you who are YouTube gluttons, I am posting more vids up on my site. Some are “live” vids from various performances and some are me and my guitar in my living room in Vancouver. Come hang with me on YouTube! https://www.youtube.com/user/KateReidMusic Spencer Harrison: A friend of mine in Toronto named Spencer Harrison is doing important work with his art. I have mentioned him before in my newsletters and also have posted links on Facebook about his work. In light of the much-publicized teen suicides in the LGBT communities across North America, it is increasingly important that the media takes notice of artists like Spencer so that values of acceptance and pride in who we are can spread throughout our society. Spencer is involved in a process whereby he needs votes in order to secure funding for the next phase of his work. If you are interested in voting and have a few minutes to spare, please check out this link to help Spencer : http://www.avivacommunityfund.org/iddeas/acf6862 and the “idea number” is ACF6862. A final thought/feeling: A friend of mine passed away a couple of days ago from major health complications. His name was Victor Reece and he was an incredible Tsimshian mask carver who lived on Pender Island in British Columbia. (see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VlXwcV4Bfx8 ).Victor was doing his soul work. Finally, after all those years of being stuck and afraid, I am doing mine. Are you doing yours? Are you doing the things that bring you joy and passion...listening to those things that burn inside of you? I hope that all of you out there are living amazing lives....you are amazing people! Take your hat off in the wind, take a deep breath in, let the rain or the snow fall on your face....enjoy the changing of the seasons. Thank-you for joining me on this journey! Much love to you all...I will see you again soon, Katexo

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