Kate's Spring Newsletter...Germany Tour, sponsorship program and more!

Hello Out There....music lovers, activists, life-explorers, friends and family;

How are you all doing? Welcome to my email list, if you are new here, thank-you for joining! I'm excited to share my creative journey with you. And thank-you to all of my existing readers and listeners. Many of you have been here since the beginning and I am grateful for your support.

I hope you are all well: struggling on, moving forward, noticing the things in your life you have to change and loving the parts that are working. I am learning more about myself, about life and my part in this world everyday. Some days are difficult and heavy and some days are awe-inspiring and light. I have realized that welcoming the hard parts as a gift is what I need to do. I have learned that without challenge and hardship, I would not know what is truly amazing and magical in my life. Without the comparison to the difficult, I would not see the blessings I have received...even the tiny ones.

Another thing I do know is that creativity is vital. I recently spent a thoroughly enjoyable, productive and energizing time down at my friend's cabin in New Mexico and I am so grateful for my time there. I am also grateful for my life here at home and for my partner who allows me to follow my creative heart and do my soul work. For me, creating is a spiritual act and writing and singing is my connection to the Divine. It's an expression of the self, myself and it also helps me to carve out the reason for my existence. I am starting to see creativity, in all its forms, as part of my daily work, alongside the administrative work I have to do to keep my career moving.

If you need to create, and most of us do, no matter what it is, do it. It doesn't have to be good, it just has to be yours. And, the more you create, the more the good stuff will come in.

Sponsorship Program for The LGBTQQ Family Album:
Speaking of creating, many of you know that I am in the middle of my fourth project: an album for LGBTQQ families, youth and children. This album is the first of its kind and it is also close to my heart in way that none of the other albums were. It touches on so many issues that young people and adults face: from bullying to gender identity, what it's like having same-sex parents to the celebration of our differences, the difficulties and joys of coming out and the impact of other people's fears, to fighting stereotypes and negative beliefs, to the different definitions of families...it's all here in this album that has allowed me the creative freedom to play with jazz, ska, rock, hip-hop along with the folk-roots and country vibe that I am known for. I love this album and it's been a joy to work with Adam Popowitz (Pacifika), Mel Watson (Fruit), Toby Peter (Pacifika), Richard Brown, CR Avery, Christina Zaenkar (Morlove) and Tim Tweedale, to name a few of the incredible people on this project. What can I say? I LOVE my job!

We are still in the middle of getting this big baby off the ground and we could really use your help! I would be grateful and honoured if you and your friends and family could help contribute to the making of this album by choosing an option below to donate. We have come up with some fun prizes for you and hope that you are able to help us! Here are your options: 

$25.00 or more - The Digital Reid Fan Pack
-a digital download of the album before its release
-a digital copy of the poster for the new release

$50.00 or more - The Gimme the Tunes Reid Fan Pack
-the above PLUS
-an autographed cd copy of the new album

$75.00 or more - The Basic Reid Fan Pack
-all the above PLUS
-an autographed copy of the poster for
the new release

$100.00 or more - The Essential Reid Fan Pack

-all of the above PLUS
-Official Kate Reid press kit (This is a collector’s item: a press kit is used to secure gigs and I send this out to festivals, promoters and presenters. It includes my bio/onesheet, a poster, a copy of the ‘Doing it for the Chicks’ cd, a postcard, business card and some of the print press I have had)
-handwritten and autographed lyrics of one song of your choice from any of my

$250.00 or more - The Ultimate Reid Fan Pack
-all of the above PLUS
-Your name in the liner notes as a sponsor of this album
-You and a friend on the guest list for a Kate Reid concert in a town or city near you

$500.00 or more - The Elite Reid Fan Pack
-all of the above PLUS
-1/2 skype conversation (We’ll chat face-to-face on skype and you can ask me anything about song-writing, the music biz, what life is like as a queer/woman musician, my cats, what hair product I use…)

$1,000.00 or more -The Hardcore Reid Fan Pack
-all of the above PLUS
-lunch in Vancouver with yours truly (you pay your own travel, I buy lunch and
we hang out and talk over a meal for an hour)

$1500.00 or more - The Super Hardcore Reid Fan Pack

-all of the above PLUS
-private house concert for you and your friends in your house (plus travel and accommodation unless you are within 2 hours drive from Vancouver in which case, I will handle my travel and accommodation)

$2,000.00 or more - The Out-of-this-World Reid Fan Pack
-all of the above PLUS
-dinner and a house concert at my place on Bowen Island (just a 20 minute ferry ride from Horseshoe Bay in West Vancouver) for you and 7 of your friends (you get yourself here, my partner and I will provide the dinner and I will provide the entertainment. There are several amazing B and B’s on BowenIsland that I could send you the links for plus there is beautiful hiking, walking and wonderful artisans and cafes on this sweet little island. You could make a weekend of it! And, I wouldn't be adverse to taking all of you for a dayhike up Mt. Gardner...it's a grind but the payoff at the top is a spectacular view of Vancouver, the Georgia Straight, the Gulf Island, the Coast Mountains and Vancouver Island.)

If you are willing, able and inspired to donate, please email me and we can talk about to make it happen. I would be thrilled to hear from you! (kate@katereid.net) :-)

In other news....

LIVE TOUR DATES...Germany and Canada dates: I am doing a tour in Germany this May!
We are adding new dates to my calendar, so please feel free to check it out for a show new you (www.katereid.net/calendar). I just got confirmed for Tri-Pride in Kitchener on June 2...woot! My old stomping grounds....I remember the days of cruising King Street in Kitchener with my 80's hair and tight jeans in my parents' blue Oldsmobile with the Aerosmith cranked on the tape deck (Mom, don't get mad!), looking for something to do on a Friday night. Coming back to do Pride will be a trip! :-)

ROCK THE MIC - Vancouver's Only Open Mic for Women this Sunday, April 1st, 5-8pm...no joke!
We had a great time last month and we're doing it again. If you are a woman (transwomen welcome!) and would love to perform in a supportive environment at Vancouver's oldest live music venue, come down to the Railway Club (579 Dunsmuir St, Vancouver, BC) this Sunday, April 1 from 5-8pm to play us a couple of tunes. I do an opening set and then I host the rest of the show. Be brave....come down and ROCK THE MIC! Men are welcome in the audience.

That's it from my living room on Bowen Island. Thank-you so much for reading my newsletter and thank-you for listening to my music and spreading the word. I've said it many times and I will say it again, I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you. Your support and messages keep me inspired and keep me going! Thank-you for being here. Have a kick-ass April!

Yours in music,


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