North American Folk Alliance

Hi! I just got back a week ago from the North American Folk Alliance in Memphis. What a fantastic conference! I had such a riot and met some amazing, friendly and enthusiastic people. Some of the performing highlights of my time there were with Desert Highway Records, Rockshop Publishing, RedNewt Records/Frederick Productions and the GoGirls private showcases. What a blast! Such fun people and enthusiasm for my tunes! I also saw some amazing music: Leela and Ellie Grace, Vanessa Torres and her band Touching Ground, Bill Reveles, Sarah White, Elam name a few of the other guerilla showcasers. And then there was all the official much! But, staying up until 4am every night is enough to make any farm girl need a week of sleep to feel normal again. Thanks so much to all of you who I met and who came to listen to my songs. This conference is amazing! Great opportunity for any folkie who wants to get their name out there and meet others in the biz. I totally recommend it. Until next year, Kate

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