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Hello Everyone!
How are you all doing? Welcome to my June newsletter…thank-you for joining and for reading, too! I hope this time of year is bringing some joy, sunshine and prosperity to your lives. I feel like it was a long, (wet for us West Coasters…it just seemed like endless rain this past winter….uuggh!) and dreary winter and so I am glad to be in the wide-open prairie air…to be seeing some blue sky, sun and white clouds is doing much to open my heart and mind to what is possible.   

I am writing to you from a sunny campsite at Pine Trails Getaway which is about an hour and half south of Edmonton near Pigeon Lake. We have parked the RV for a couple of days off and are loving being out in the country. Then, we head back into Edmonton to start a string of four shows that will take us down to Twin Butte near Waterton Lakes Provincial Park in Alberta. I’m particularly pumped about playing down in the Twin Butte/Waterton Lakes area as I have always wanted to go hiking in Waterton so now, we will get the chance because we have a couple of days off down there before we have to start heading over to Regina and Winnipeg for two more shows in the Prairies. I will take many pictures and post them on my Facebook page in case any of you are into seeing a part of Waterton!

I just want to give you a quick update on my summer shows…I have added a couple of exciting shows this summer. All the specific deets including ticket info and contact info for the house concerts (which are open to the public) are on my website: Here is a quick glance at what I’m up to over the next couple of months:

Thursday, June 14th-8pm
House Concert in Edmonton, Alberta
Hosts: Womonspace
Email for tix:

Friday, June, 15th-8pm
House Concert in Airdrie, Alberta
Hosts: Janine and Nikki
Facebook for tix: Janine Cote

Saturday, June 16th-8pm
House Concert in Calgary, Alberta
Hosts: Shari, Louise and Yuko
Email for tix:

Sunday, June 17th-8pm
Twin Butte General Store, Twin Butte, Alberta
Email Jeny for tix:

Friday, June 22nd-8:30pm-presented by Grassroots Regina
The Club-Regina, Saskatchewan
Email Karen for tix:

Saturday, June 23rd-8pm-presented by the Red Barn Concert Series
Balmoral, Manitoba (30 minutes north of Winnipeg)
Email Amy for tix:
With Lindsay Jane

Friday, June 29-Sunday, July 1st-all weekend
Stan Rogers Folk Festival-Canso, Nova Scotia

Friday, July 20-Sunday, July 22-all weekend
Folk on the Rocks Festival-Yellowknife, North West Territories

Thursday, July 26-Sunday, July 29-all weekend
Camp fYrefly-Canada’s only national leadership retreat for sexual and gender minority youth!
Edmonton, Alberta
I will be this year’s Artist-in-Residence at Camp fYrefly. Youth registrations are now closed.

Tuesday, July 31st-8pm
House Concert in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Host: Gillian Snider
Email Gillian:

Thursday, August 2nd-8pm
The Flying Beaver Pubaret-Toronto, Ontario

Friday, August 4-Sunday, August 5th
Blue Skies Festival-Clarendon Station, Ontario
This rad grassroots festival doesn’t have a website…on purpose! Here is a blog that I found that has info about the festival:

Saturday, August 11-8pm
House Concert in Consecon-Prince Edward County, Ontario
Hosts: Andrew and Andy
email Andy:

Saturday, August 16-all day
Royal City Pride-New Westminster, BC

Friday, August 24-Sunday, August 26-all weekend
Music On the Mountain Music Festival-Fort St. James, BC

A quick update on my LGBTQ Family Album:
Now that I’m on the road until the beginning of July, the rest of the recording has to be put on hold until I can squeeze a couple of studio dates when I’m home in between Stan Rogers Folk Fest and Folk on the Rocks in Yellowknife! I have some more recording to complete but it feels like that part of the project is on the homestretch. And, then begins the artwork for the cover: I’m proud to say that my amazing visual artist extraordinaire sister, Amy Reid, is drawing the artwork for this album cover, in between raising three rowdy boys…my cute and ever-evolving nephews! Bronwin Parks of Feisty Design ( who did the art direction for “Doing it for the Chicks” will be the art director for this project and I am excited to work with her again. And, I am in the middle of also mapping out and writing the teacher’s guide and activity book to accompany the album so that educators can use the songs as starting points to teach about families, diversity, homophobia and acceptance in the schools.
If you still would like to donate to this great project, we would love it and we could still use your help! Please feel free to send me an email: and we can talk about all of the price range options for donating…and yes,  you will get cool prizes in exchange for donating! Thank-you in advance for your generosity!

At the end of August, after Music on the Mountain Festival, I will get to be home at our place on Bowen Island and spend some time there with the ocean air, the trees, Ravens, Eagles and Deer. It’s going to be a busy, music and fun-filled summer and I am so thrilled and grateful to be able to do what I do. It’s still hard to imagine that only a decade ago I was finishing up my second year of teaching at the highschool in Midway…light-years away from the musical-activist life that I live now. Sometimes, I am so amazed at how far I have traveled backward and forwards in my life to this spot: making music, performing for great audiences, sharing stories and being open to the creative direction of the Spirits. I love it!

One final thought: I have said this to a few listeners of mine over the past couple of months who have emailed me and I want to share it with you: it is important to write. I read recently in Jeanne Cordova’s memoir, “When We Were Outlaws”, that someone said to her that you can write yourself out of a nervous breakdown. I believe this to be true. You may not consider yourself a writer, but everyone is a writer. You can write your past and you can write your future. The important thing is to do it, to get your story out onto the page because writing is healing. And it is your story and your life to write and no-one else’s.  So, the time to write is now.

Thank-you so much for reading and for joining me here. I wish you all a summer full of mystery and knowing, wonder and challenge, excitement and quiet.
Yours in words and music…





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