September Shows, Summer Highlights and Queer Across Canada update!

Hello Everyone-
Thank-you for joining my newsletter and if you have been along for the ride already, thank-you for sticking with me! What a summer it has been…I hope you all have had some amazing and inspired experiences, some laugh-out-loud, boisterous times as well as some peaceful, contemplative moments this summer. I have certainly had many of these…it’s been a really great summer for me and my musical endeavors.

Summer 2012 Highlights:
Some of my summer highlights have included: performing at Edmonton Pride (love that city!), being the Artist-in-Residence at the coolest camp for young queer folks around called Camp FYrefly (the seriously kick-ass youth, youth leaders and coordinators at this camp are working hard to make the world an inclusive and accepting place), Folk on the Rocks (a fun, eclectic festival on the sandy shores of a beautiful lake in gorgeous Yellowknife, Northwest Territories), Stan Rogers Festival (an honour to be a part of the lineup at this festival of singer-songwriters out in Canso, Nova Scotia…my first festival on the east coast….met old friends and new friends and almost got struck by lightning!), Blue Skies Festival (somewhere in the sticks of Ontario….what a sweet little website…just word of mouth and people who return year after year…I ran a song-writing workshop here where a bunch of us sat down and wrote a song about the festival…I have to put the verses together now, perform it in my living room in front of a video cam and send all the workshop participants a link to YouTube where I will post it), Music on the Mountain (way up in Fort St. James, British Columbia…a party-of-a-little festival just three years in the running now…it was a pleasure to be a part of this grassroots musical weekend) and last but so not least, Nelson Pride (where I performed an opening set for legendary women’s music singer-songwriter, Tret Fure….what a treat to perform in Nelson again!).

A word about folk and music festivals and PRIDES….and a call to action:
When I perform at folk and music festivals, I receive consistent, enthusiastic feedback from audience members in countless forms: from excited and grateful “thank-yous” in person during the festivals to email, facebook and twitter messages about how much people love what I am doing…I feel thrilled about that: to know that people are enjoying my performances and that my songs are making a difference in people’s lives. If you would like to see me at a festival near you, please do not hesitate to let your local artistic director or festival committee know by telling them so! That is how these things often work…through word of mouth. Asking your local festivals to hire me by emailing, Facebooking and Tweeting them, helps tremendously in their decision to include me in their line-ups. The word is getting out there about my music and message so thank-you very much in joining me as I work for acceptance and visibility for our LGBTQ communities through song!

Upcoming Shows:
As we speak, I’m staying at a good friend’s house in Summerland, BC before flying out the Maritimes for three more shows this weekend. Then, I return to Vancouver for my final show of the summer. Here are the dates and details in case you and your partner, friends and/or family can make it out to a show!

Thursday, September 6th-8pm
The Company House
Halifax, Nova Scotia

Friday, September, 7th-8pm
The Pump Nightclub
Saint John, New Brunswick

Saturday, September, 8th-8pm
Fables Club
Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia

Saturday, September 15, 4-8pm (yes, it’s an early show, I go on at 6:30pm!)*
Oasis Ultra Lounge
1240 Thurlow Street, Vancouver, BC
(*This event is open to the public and it’s also a Meet ‘n’ Greet for the Olivia Cruise women)

Queer Across Canada (an album and educational kit for LGBTQ families) update:
Yes, the upcoming project now has a name: Queer Across Canada! And yes, I said “educational kit”. I don’t remember if I told you this in my last newsletter (I think I did, but just in case I didn’t), along with this collection of songs I have written and recorded for LGBTQ families (some of the song titles are: Radical Donor Dad, Tummy Mommy, That’s So Gay, Brother from Another Mother, The Mother’s Day/Father’s Day Conundrum), I have been putting my education degree to work again, creating an educational kit to accompany Queer Across Canada that is full of lessons, activities and projects that educators can use to teach about diversity, families, homophobia, heterosexism and acceptance. To be released early in 2013, Queer Across Canada and the educational kit will be available for purchase together and separately. Like we have done with my previous releases, we are pre-selling Queer Across Canada on my website. You can pre-purchase your copy now and when it’s released early in 2013, we will send you your autographed copy in the mail. Here’s the link to my homepage where you can pre-purchase your copy:

Queer Across Canada needs you! If you would like to donate money to help in the production, manufacturing and publishing costs of the album and educational kit, we can sure put your generosity to great use! This is an enormous project so please check out these options and help this (dare I say it!) ground-breaking project become a reality. Thank-you in advance for being a part of launching this radical project and thank-you so much to all of you who have donated already! Here is the link to the donation page:

Stay tuned for YouTube links to some of the new songs from Queer Across Canada…sung from the comfort of my living room. J

Just a quick aside for those of you who are outdoor enthusiasts….in between my Maritimes trip and my Vancouver show, I booked a five day trip into the backcountry with my partner and two of our friends. We are going into Cathedral Lakes Park, a stunning alpine oasis in the mountains near Keremeos, in the southern interior of British Columbia. I’m thrilled to be going back into the Cathedrals….so many alpine lakes, hiking on mountain ridges and in meadows….my heart sings just thinking about it.
Well, that’s it from my wee laptop….I hope you are all living your life with exuberance and passion, in whatever form that takes. Thanks for reading my newsletter and joining me on this journey. I so appreciate your company on this musical path. See you out there on the road!Yours in music,

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