Women in the Round Tour with Sarah MacDougall and Joanna Chapman-Smith

Hello Everyone; Well, what can I say? Women in the Round...on the road rocked. I went on a two week tour with Sarah MacDougall and Joanna Chapman-Smith through British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba and we had a blast! We started in Vancouver at Rhizome Cafe on April 11th...an all acoustic show to a full house. The next night, we played at the Howe Sound Pub in Squamish to a fun audience. Heidi, who booked us, treated us so well....it was fantastic! The next night, we were supposed to be in William's Lake at the Blue Spoon Cafe. We tried driving up the old Duffy Lake Road but got turned around by an avalanche/rockslide that covered the highway! We ended up having to turn around and drive all the way back down through Whistler, Vancouver and then going to the long way, through Hope, Armstrong, 100 Mile House and then William's Lake. It was a very long day of driving but we made the show in record time (thanks to my lead foot!)and were warmly received by the folks in William's Lake. We stayed with a lovely woman, Deb, who put us up for two nights in her funky house. Thanks so much, Deb! We shall meet again.... After that, we played at Artspace in Prince George to a sold out crowd of very appreciate people! Great room, great audience, super sound....thanks to Jim who booked us there. Then, we traveled through Jasper and over to Edmonton for two nights: first, a low key evening with Harold at the Blue Chair Cafe...always a pleasure to play there. And, then a riotous night at the local lesbian bar, (hecklers included!) Prism Bar and Grill to an over-capacity house of 110 women! It was loud and super-fun! Thanks so much to the women who ran the bar, especially Tina! Then, we drove down through a nasty snow storm ( I know, it was April for chrissake's!!) to Calgary to play at Money Pennies, the local lesbian bar. We had another sold out show there and were treated really well by the owners. We will definately go back again. Thanks Money Pennies! Then, we had a night off and a day to rest before playing at the Ironwood Stage and Grill to a busy Monday night crowd. Thanks so much, Patrick (you wild and crazy guy!) for booking us. After that, we headed out onto the prairies and to Regina for a show at the local folk club. The audience was very small but very appreciative and thrilled to have us there. A singersongwriter from Winnipeg named Suss, joined us there and warmed up the audience for us by playing an opening set. Next, we went to Winnipeg for an awesome show at the Park Theatre. Suss had organized and promoted the show and joined us on stage as a part of the round....it was a fantastic night....what a room and what amazing sound! Thanks so much, Suss and the Park Theatre! Then, we drove like bats out of hell to make it across the prairies (through yet another gnarly snowstorm....I know, did I say it was April for chrissake's?!!) to my old stomping grounds of Nelson, BC. Always a pleasure to play in Nelson. Thanks to Eva (you're the best, old gal!) and Catherine for setting up the show and promoting it and to all of my friends and the Nelson folks who came out to see us. It was great to be there again. The next night, we played to a packed house at the Hitching Post in my favourite small town, Hedley, BC. I love performing in Hedley because the people are grand and we got treated like queens again! Thanks Hedley folks and Wilson and Brenda of the Hitching Post. Then, we headed back to Vancouver for a show at the Railway Club. It was a fun night as always at the Railway! And, a great audience with tons of hecklers....I love that. You know I do. Thank-you to Trigger and Janet for having us! Our final show was on Gabriola Island for the Dancing Man Festival at the Roxy Theatre. I love this place...it's a funky venue (with very cool red velour seats!) with great sound and an even greater owner, Stephen. And, thanks to Carolyn and Diana, as usual, for having us at your place. Always a pleasure! Thanks so much to all of the island folks who came out to see our show. The tour was unbelievably fun and successful. We got some good press and our audiences couldn't have been better. It was so good, in fact, that Sarah, Joanna and I have started planning on our next tours as Women in the Round. We plan on touring down the west coast of the USA and also heading over to Eastern Canada in the autumn....so stay tuned! Also, drop me a line if you have a venue in your town that you think might be a good fit for three wickedly entertaining folkies (that would be me, Sarah and Jo!!) who are itching to get on the road again! All the best to each of you and thank-you so much for gracing us with your presence at our shows...we love it! Kate

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