If you are interested in finding more about the research I conducted for my Master's Degree (The University of British Columbia) and my PhD (University of Toronto), feel free to download my Master's thesis and my doctoral dissertation. The  Queer Across Canada Resource Kit, which was a product of my doctoral research, is also available to download here. 

An article here entitled, A Production of Survival: Cancer Politics and Feminist Media Literacies, which I wrote with Dr. Chelsey Hauge-Zavaleta about a creative musical-video project we collaborated on called Breast Cancer Pink, is also available for download.

Somewhere in Between  is a digital story I created and produced at ReVision: The Centre for Art and Social Justice, a multi-media storytelling and research lab at the University of Guelph, in Guelph, Canada. Somewhere in Between  tells the story of my decision to undergo gender-affirming top surgery in 2018.

Somewhere in Between was screened at the following film festivals in 2020: 
Tag! Queer Shorts Festival - Corvalis,  USA
qFLIX - Philadelphia,  USA
Out and Proud – Pune International Queer Film Festival - Pune, India
LesFlicks - London, UK
The Bush Films - Brooklyn, USA
Sheffield Shorts Film Festival - Sheffield, UK
Scottish Queer International Film Festival - Glasgow, Scotland
Trans Stellar Film Festival - Detroit, USA